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1. To undertake large-scale building demolition, reasonable fees and strong technical force.
2. Long-term recycling of scrap steel recycling, scrap copper recycling, scrap iron recycling, scrap recycling, material recycling and other equipment.
3. Long-term recovery of stainless steel kitchen utensils, televisions, air conditioners, freezers, central air conditioners, large cold storages, various electrical appliances, and backlogs of confiscated supplies.
4. Long-term recovery of all kinds of used and used machinery and equipment and their various accessories: boilers, lathes, cranes, steel bars, pipe fittings, batteries, motors, cables, power distribution cabinets, power tools, etc.
5.Long-term collection of bulk books, newspapers, plastics, copper, iron, aluminum and other finished and semi-finished products
6. Recycling construction waste: construction waste, demolition waste, plumbing equipment, doors and windows, etc.