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Huaji shares with you the benefits of recycling

Time : 2020-03-12

Source : Shanghai Huaji

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Huaji shares with you the benefits of recycling

  Why can waste products also be sold? Why is there a waste recycling and what is the role of waste recycling, let me share the benefits of waste recycling.

  Waste recycling can save energy and protect the environment, and prevent excessive consumption burden on the planet.

  If there is no recycling of waste products, we will waste more power in the production of new products. The role of material recovery and reuse is irreplaceable by any other industry. The economically prosperous country regards the material recycling industry as a rising industry. With the rapid development of China's economy, the improvement of skills, and the slowdown of upgrading, more and more products will lose their use value and become waste products, entering the stage of recycling and reuse of waste products. Therefore, it is extremely important to establish a standard market for the recycling of waste and used goods, to effectively use useful resources, to properly address harmful resources, and to prevent environmental pollution.

  Waste recycling is only a part of waste collection and distribution. After the networked recycling and distribution in the urban area, there are still many tasks to be done to sort and sell to consumer companies in batches. Recycling, for example, will rely on street offices and village committees to standardize the management of merchants bought in streets and lanes, assign people, uniform clothing, uniform training, and implement networked governance. At the same time, we will use government agencies as a pilot and come to the site to try our best to collect and collect waste as much as possible.

  In terms of sales after collection and distribution, waste recycling should be bundled with merchants as a combination to form a relatively fixed supply and marketing relationship with downstream consumer companies with a small amount and scope method to complete the industrialized operation of renewable resources. . At the same time, gradually research and develop the secondary processing and comprehensive application of waste materials, complete the on-site resource utilization, further improve the degree of waste application, and lay the foundation for creating a renewable resource recycling application system suitable for the characteristics of China's socialist market economy.

  Application value: For each ton of scrap steel recovered, 850 kg of steel can be made. Compared with iron ore, steel can save 20 tons of iron ore and save 1.2 tons of standard coal. Recycling and applying 1 ton of waste paper can create 800 kilograms of good paper, save 17 large trees, use 240 kilograms of soda ash, reduce papermaking purification emissions by 75%, and save papermaking power consumption by 40% -50%.

  Waste recycling has a lot of effects, everyone can actively participate in it. Don't throw away plastic bottles at home. You can sell to waste recycling sites. You can make a little money yourself and make a contribution to resource reuse.