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5 things to know about recycling waste

Time : 2020-03-12

Source : Shanghai Huaji

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5 things to know about recycling waste

  Shanghai Huaji Recycling Resources Recycling Co., Ltd. specializes in the production line waste contracting, the company's waste outsourcing, and integrated services for waste and waste contracting treatment. The business involves many small and medium-sized enterprises in the country and many well-known international companies. Demystify the 5 major precautions for recycling.

  Attentions and precautions for waste recycling

  1. Painting halberd recycling tells you that the most important thing is to pay attention to the classification of waste products. This is very important. When someone understands what you do n’t understand, you do n’t know how to bid when you hear him say, for example Copper and stainless steel, household faucets, some are copper and some are stainless steel. Jianyong materials recycling reminds you to pay attention to this because the price gap between them is very large.

  2. Pay attention to the danger of waste products, such as some containers containing chemical substances. We must pay attention to this. They are very dangerous. We should also pay attention to the storage of gas bottles.

  3. Pay attention to fire prevention, prepare some fire extinguishers in advance not only to pass the security check above, but also to prevent channeling

  4. Pay attention to the changes in market prices. When you want to send out scraps, you will have a quick report and analysis every day. The identification and classification of scraps are explained in detail. Jianyong Material Recycling tells you that you can pay attention to yours based on this. Inventory and receipt prices, to avoid price losses.

  5. Set up an acquisition station. If your management is tight, you need a business license or something. Pay attention to it in advance.

  The above are the 5 important things to note about recycling waste. If you have any questions about waste recycling, please come to consult.