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Status of waste recycling companies in the Internet boom

Time : 2020-03-12

Source : Shanghai Huaji

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Status of waste recycling companies in the Internet boom

  Recycling of renewable resources, commonly known as waste material recycling and waste product recycling, refers to materials that are discarded and recyclable in human production and life. Although the waste materials have lost or partially lost their use value, after collection and processing, new materialized labor and live labor have been injected, and the value and use value of the commodities have been added.

  First, the waste material recycling industry is gradually rising

  For those engaged in the waste materials industry, they are dealing with various waste materials almost every day. From the old streets and lanes to the current south and north; from the previous self-employed business to the current professional operation; from the acquisition station to the industrial park. The waste material recycling industry in China has undergone tremendous changes in more than 30 years. In recent years, the scale of China's renewable resources recycling industry has expanded significantly, and the total recovery and recovery rate have gradually increased, contributing to the national economy.

  During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China will further increase the level of waste resources and promote the recycling of renewable resources such as waste electrical and electronic appliances, waste tires (rubbers), waste textiles, waste plastics, and waste components. The waste material recycling industry will obviously benefit from the current energy conservation and environmental protection policies. The recycling of waste materials and the use of renewable resources can not only maintain the urban environment, but also save resources and reduce total economic energy consumption and carbon emissions. It just meets the requirements and initiatives of the current construction of a resource-saving society and energy-saving emission reduction policies. More government support, including legal and financial support, it is expected that the industry will develop at a high speed in the future.

  Defects in waste materials industry

  Although China's renewable resources industry has achieved great development, there is still much room for improvement. At present, there is such an awkward situation in the market: "garbage siege" is urgently to be resolved, but the formal dismantling company shouts "insufficient" because of insufficient raw materials. At present, the current status of China ’s waste material recycling industry: most recycling markets have a poor environment; non-compliant dismantling of used electronics has caused serious pollution to the environment.

  Investigating the reasons, first of all, the waste material recycling market is fragmented and irregular. Small workshops do not process waste materials in accordance with environmental protection requirements and the cost is low. The small merchants illegally dismantle the waste materials without any investment in environmental protection, but only refining valuable things. The dismantling cost is low and the profit is high. The formal professional manufacturers have high processing costs and low raw material prices.

  Secondly, people lack awareness of environmental protection. In the process of disposal of waste materials, driven by interests, citizens only consider the price factor. As a result, a large amount of waste materials have flowed to informal home-style small factories without any environmental protection facilities through informal channels, thereby making the environmental protection problem in the waste material recycling process increasingly serious.

  Third, at the current stage, renewable resource companies lack effective supply and marketing plans, lack a systematic and reasonable complete recycling system, resources and information flow are not smooth, huge remanufacturing resources are scattered everywhere, and recycling is difficult, directly affecting China. Recovery and utilization of waste materials.

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